Gods of Valeth

Vale Gods

Lavos is the Brother of Morthos and the god of light and life. He has the power to create life by tapping into the energy of the stars that gave birth to the gods and transferring it the plain of the vale. He along with his daughter created The Vale. He is the patron god the elves and was the one who created them. He also unwillingly created Humans, but he has little to no love for them and has often tried to wipe them from his world.


Morthos is the god of Death and brother to Lavos. His domain is that of the ending of things, he gains power from life coming to an end; he also serves as his brothers opposite and has dominion of the darkness although his son, Skado, is the true master of stealth and shadow. Morthos is the patron god of Men as it was he who designed them and with the help of Terra, tricked Lavos into creating them. While it seems odd, he is openly worshiped by men as a comforting father figure, taking them when they die and placing them by his side in the heavens.


Ambris is the goddess of progress, ambition and determination. She is constantly busy working for her own ends and the neds of others, it is down to her that the gods, Dispora and Chnaan were found. If she hadn’t existed then Lavos and Morthos would have been killed by Heado and The Vale would have never been created. Both Men and Elf worship her as progression is always profitable.


Heado is the god of conflict and war. He is the latgest and strongest of all the gods, he is also a serious danger to his own brothers and sisters as he has an uncontrollable rage and a need to fight. For this reason he is kept asleep by Friedith the goddess of peace, whilst she holds him and is by him his temper is cooled and he becomes very lethargic. Due to the conflicts on The Vale he can sometimes burst into a rage fuelled by the bloodshed below and not even Friedith can calm him anymore and so with a heavy heart the gods locked him inside a star where he remains forever fighting to escape.

Dispora and Chnaan

Dispora and Chnaan are the gods of Discovery and Knowledge, they are brother and sister and arguable the most important gods in existence except Father Time himself. The reason for their importance is that without them no god would know how to be a god, without their knowledge Lavos would not know how to create life. Dispora the Godess of Discovery is a very strong and active god, she is not only incredibly intelligent but also brave and courageous as she often adventures into the void to bring back information for her brother Chnaan to document. Chnaan is the Archivist and decipherer of all the discoveries made by his sister, he is not brave or strong like his sister but he is equally intelligent and far wiser. It is Chnaans job to question the universe and to send Dispora to find the answers. Together this brother and sister duo are the very foundations of the world as we know it.


Cedekemb is the god of order and stability, he is the child of Heado and Friedith. His purpose is to maintain and look after the world, to ensure that what exists does not fall into chaos. This goal menas that he oftens clashes with Ambris and Dispora as they constantly seek the new and change the world he is trying to keep in order. Whilst his role in the universe is completely necisary, as without him the world would literally tear itself apart, he is often seen as a source of fear and subdigation, this is certainly reflected in his worshipers as they are often law enforcers and or governmental bodies.


Friedith is the god of peace, love and tranquillity, her role is to calm the world and to temper the people in it so that they do not lose control of their emotions and thoughts. It was her ability to calm and promote peace that saved the heavens from its first threat Heado, she even managed to temper him to a point that he loved her and the bore a child together. Unfortunately with the arrival of the demons and the orcs violence broke out on The Vale and she could not control Heado anymore and was forced to lure him into the star prison he now resides in. For this reason she has also become the goddess of sadness and often helps those feeling strife and heartbreak .


Terra is the Godess of creation. She is the daughter of Lavos and Ambris. She was born to progress the ambitions of Lavos, she was born to create vessels for life. She was taken under her father’s wing very early on, being made to mould and form the perfect disciples for the Lavos and the Gods. She is the only god, say for her sister Myir, who is able to interact with the physical world. Under the guidance of Lavos she created the elves, an immortal race who would forever grow and worship Lavos. To emote in the elves enough life and emotions to feed the gods in heaven, terra forged the world and to help her with this monuments task she made the dwarfs and the gnomes. To give the lonely elves companions she created all the creature’s native to our world and Her last creation would be her most successful, Man. In an act of compassion and to save her dying uncle Morthos, she created mortal men. These men would not only save her uncles life but save the world she created from utter destruction. She herself did not live to continue her work. Lavos in a fit of rage banished her from his home for tricking him into creating mortality. It is in the open void lost and alone that Terra met her end. Outside of our heaven lie demons and three such demons found her. Dark deities of hunger, blood and shadow mauled and murdered her. By the time Morthos and Lavos found their beloved she was dead. It is said the gods cast her body down to the world she had loved so much so that she could rest with her creations.


Myir is the goddess of magic. She was the daughter of Ambris and Chnaan. She and her half-sister Terra worked tirelessly together in created the world. Whilst Terra and her dwarves could create solid things, Myir could create more mercurial things. The two sisters often came to blows over how the world should be, Terra would form ridged mountains and Myir would make them float, Terra would create forests of perfectly placed trees and Myir would make them waltz. Terra preferred order whilst Myir preferred chaos and so the two came up with a satisfying agreement. Terra would get half the world and Myir would get the other. So Terra created the land, mountains, valleys and forest and Myir created the wind, the clouds and the ocean. Once the world was created they wished to see it in all its glory. To which end Terra said “let me create a home for us, one that will allow us to see our world”, she created a huge ball and placed it in the sky. Myir said “Allow me to make it move so that we can see all our creation” and so the sphere began to travel. This home of theirs would be named the Moon. Once on the moon the sister stared down at Valeth and at once fell in love with it. “Terra your world has such crisp and wondrous beauty” said Myir. “Your wind and ocean bring life to an otherwise still world” said Terra. It is said that when Terra dies Myir retreated to the moon to grieve her sisters loss and is said to still be there to this very day. Which why on the nights when the moon appears the fullest magic and mayhem rule the night.

Non-Vale Gods


Haima is the God of Blood. It is one of three gods who invaded The Vale, the others being Skado, the God of Shadow and Kanka the God of Hunger. These three Gods take the form of hideous hounds. Haima form is that of a hairless wolf, blood dripping from every pore on its skin. To appease its hunger those that follow it must spill blood and offer it up to it. Haima is, along with its pack, meant to be one of the deities responsible for vampirism. Worship of this God is seen as heretical by most except the Orcs. Both humans and dwarfs actively hate Haima and its worshippers because of the gods role in Terras death. Haima and its fellow hounds were the ones who snuck into The Vale and murdered Terra during the War in the Heavens, arguable the moment that caused most of the problems in the world today.


Skado is the God of Shadow. It is one of three gods who invaded The Vale (the others being Haima and Kanka). Skado like its siblings takes on the form of a hound, however its form is meant to be more corporal, an inky cloud in constant motion, flits of smoke darting in and out of the hound like silhouette. Along with its fellow invaders, it is thought to have ties with vampirism, although unlike its siblings it does not demand blood or consumption, it instead demands secrets and souls. It is seen as a vile god by most native races of The Vale for its part in Terras death but some of those who do not hold such scrupulous morals; such as thieves, spies and assassins, may from time to time offer up a gift in return for its blessing.


Kanka is the God of Hunger. It is one of three gods who invaded The Vale (the others being Haima and Skado). Kanka’s form was that of a starved hound, mangy skin, milky eyes and bones visible through the skin. Kanka is the most vicous and deranged of the three hound gods, driving by an endless hunger it will maul and consume all it encounters say for its sibling gods. It is believed it was Kanka that smelt Terra, it was Kanka that first bit into her flesh and it was Kanka who lay the killing blow. There are few followers of Kanka, his gifts of savagery, strength and speed, are often out weighed by the insatiable hunger that fills a followers soul. Only the truly desperate call to Kanka only the mad, cry his name.

Gods of Valeth

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