Mod is an Old Giant of the Cambris Tribe. As a young man (25Yrs old) he and his family were travelling through Turris, hoping to arrive in Gattan so his Father and Mother, and Mod himself could act as guards to travelling merchants. However on the way they were ambushed by a well armed group of Bandits, Mod barely escaped with his life and assumed his parents had been killed. The last thing he heard them say was “Run! This is not your fight!”.

Mod has long suspected that they were not bandits, but in fact men in the army of Turris who had taken to greed and corruption. From that point Mod felt huge amounts of guilt for leaving that day and as a result has vowed never to leave the side of a friend again, even if it means death.

Since then Mod sought company where he could, and sold his services where he could. as a young giant he was already bigger and stronger than most men so work as a mercenary was easy to come by. He has served in many armies in the past, especially if Turris was their enemy. More recently however Mod has been working as a Guard in Stoneport, but now he has hit the age of 82 he has been forced to retire. Now he feels lost and his thoughts drift to the past, perhaps it is time to find out what happened to his family, and who was responsible.
But until then a Pint will have to do, perhaps the Rock Bottom Tavern will be the place to begin his retirement.



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