Bellows in the deep

The Church of the Brine
Our very first adventure

The Party awoke in a their hammocks below deck of the Salty Bitch, a Pirate vessel which happened to moonlight as a ferry… for a hefty price. They had traveled from the southeastern continent of Myirdren a place of exotic tastes and magical debauchery. All of them shared two things in common, they all sort a new life on the main continent of Valeth and they were all now desperately short of coin.

The campanions took to the deck and enjoyed the sea breeze and began to talk to one another. By some miracle during these discussion they found themselves bonding and by midday had agreed to seek their fortunes together, The company consisted of Colin the half elf palladin, Dame Dorothy Dick Smashera whore, Gimbles the Wrong the confused old wizard, Hank Son of Hank a farmer, Hroth the dwarven ranger and Scaly SKalla the dragonborn theif. Some time passed, when the sound of footsteps could be heard, coming from the bow. Stood infront of the adventures was a man, tall and fairly well built, clearly hadn’t sat behind a desk for any job in his life. This deskless life of his would appear to have gone on for a while, his face was burnt and leathery and every wrinkle contained a story and probably a lot of dirt. His sea cracked lips were framed by a beard that tumbled down to his knees like an ashy bush. He wore a great big black hat crowned by a menagerie of dead animals, eat small skeleton a previous mascot of his many exploits. Around his belt he wore tens of swords all different in design and purpose and judging by their condition, non were simply for show. He was clearly the captain of the vessel and he had become bored. He proposed to the team that we should have a little bit of fun by having a non lethal scrap. Well he would watch as the adventurers would have a non-lethal scrap with his crew. whilst he explained the rules, Skalla tries to steal from his pocket, he notices and slap her hand away. Colin, infuriated with this prepares to defends his ladies honour. Before anything can kick off however Hank son of Hank excepts the wager and next thing Colin and the team know is that they have all been given wooden versions of their weapons and are now faced with several eager faced pirates. Skalla and Gimbles decide this is not for them and so they sit back and enjoy the ruckus that ensues. The fight is swift and at points brutal, one such moment being when Hank son of Hanks pops a pirate’s bollocks. With the pleasantries aside and the Captain thoroughly entertained the adventurers gather their thing and prepare to arrive at their destination of Stoneport.

As they got closer the port town, they found themselves being enveloped by a thick mist. The mist grew ever denser and the sailors on board began to light the braziers on the outside of the ship. The mist began to retreat from the ships deck, but appeared to be trying to work its way on board in any unlit crevice. A rather demented looking sailor ascends the crows nest to light the final torch. The crew had been a boisterous lot but now fell silent, as if a pistol lay upon their temples. The journey through the fog was a long silent affair but eventually the ship arrived at the shore and docked on an available jetty. The captain disembarked with his men running straight up the street ahead towards the feint sounds of music leaving the adventurers to decide where to go now that they had arrived. Wisely they follow the captain and head up the streets towards the tavern. The street is fairly wide, cobbled with stone. either side were rather old looking stone houses some of which looked in a poor state, others looking rather homely. The mist had not relented and filled the street, the alleys and anywhere the light did not touch. The sound of music became louder and louder until they turned a corner to see The Rock Bottom Tavern. The tavern was lit up in a tremendous way fire circled its doors and windows like a wall against the mist and the patrons were all drinking and singing ins its warm embrace. They past a band playing at the doorway of the establishment and entered its bustling hall. The tavern was full to the brim with life and conversation, one could barley hear themselves think. to the left was a bar, which teh adventures push their way towrads. they were greeted by Legless Pete, an old blind and limbless ex sailor who was gudied by a mouse in his hair.

After procuring a drink of the crazy barman, Skalla suggests that they should find some nefarious characters, as they always know the rumours and goings on in a town. After scouring the room Skalla saw a very familiar dwarf, Dodgy Morris. Morris was dressed in his civvies, black hoes, white shirt and black boots. His beard was well groomed and flowed down to his belly, the black braids framed by silver rings. His head was shaved and covered in tattoos, snakes and rats, spiders and crows all a symbol of gangs he had served at one time of the other. As soon as he clapped eyes on Skalla he stood up arms spread wide " ahhhh Skalla my dear girl, what the hell are you doing here? come come sit down and join me" The two old friends remanis about past jobs and heists until they inevitably ended on Skallas last, a job she did not want to talk about. It was from this awkward silence that Dame Dorothy Dick Smasher enquired as to what a group of adventurers could do to earn some coin. Morris informed them about the murder of the boy called Henry grey, a town guard and greatly loved. The bounty was sizable for the capture of the murderer and so this rag tag group had found their first job. Skalla decide this would be the perfect time to go to Jamaica, a cold and desolate island to the far south. leaving our party to pursue their goal.

The adventurers were eager to begin and immediately leapt up from the table and went to leave the tavern. Legless Pete beckoned with some concern " Wait ! I wouldn’t recommend going out into that mist! strange things live in there". The group didn’t give a fuck and stormed of in the name of justice and more importantly a huge sack of gold. After a brief discussion they decide to find the body of Henry to see what happened to him. After a quick enquiry they located the morgue underneath the church of the eight. They left the comfortable light of The Rock Bottom and headed up the street towards Stoneport’s famous markets. As they headed further up into the city they noticed the mist dissipated, its cold tendrils unable to reach this far inland. Once they arrived into the empty market they looked to the skyline to locate the church and to their left they saw the eight steeples of the Church and began to move towards it. Hank and his pig decide to have a pilfer of the empty market. He was seeking a rag of cloth for purposes only his pig truly knew. He found a barrel and placed his hand inside, hoping to find what he sought. However his hand had not simply entered a barrel, it had entered the home of a stray cat. Startled by the invading hand the cat bites the tip of Hanks finger off. Hank reals back blood spewing from his hand and anger in his eyes. He grabs the cat and stuffs it in his bag and then proceeds to ask for aid with his finger. Colin refuses to help knowing that he would need his wadge given healing abilities, later in the adventure. So with no more than a scatchy rag given by Dorothy, Hank manages to stop the bleeding and follows his team to the church.

The team walk through a large open courtyard, of beautiful trees, flowers and fountains. The entire area was pristine and clearly an area of reverence and respect, not even the beggars frequented this place. In the centre was the imposing structure that is the Church of the Eight. it stood tall and made of black stone. The church had eight steeples, one at the front one t the back and three on either side. The imposing door, made from wood and fortified in intricately decorated metal. The group begin to work out a way in. Hank being a meat head attempts to chop through the door to no effect. Hroth began to look for alternative ways to enter the morgue and after looking around the church found a small great, which may grant access to a particularly persistent group. Meanwhile Hank once again tried to chop his way in, this time attempting to smash a priceless stain glassed window. His clumsy attempt ended up causing his cleaver to hit the stone of the church and break. It was after this that Colin suggested the obvious, " did we try knocking?" the entire party looked at him with shameful embarrassment at not having attempted that in the first place. Colin knocked on the door, it opened. Behind the door was a meek looking man in robes “hello my children how may I be of service” said the priest. " may we come in? we are investigating the murder of the guard" replies Colin. The priest welcomes them in and points to a statue at the far end of the church " the morgue is behind the Statue of Morthos. Hank walks up to the priest " is there anyway you can fix my finger?" the priest looks at the bloody stump and wraps his hands around it. Murmuring a few holy words. The priest’s hands glowed for a moment and then he removed them. The finger had been restored. Hank thanked the man and with pig in hand ran after the group. As they travelled down the grand interior of the church they looked upon all eight statues that dominated the church until they reached that of Morthos. Behind the imposing figure was indeed a door and sensibly Colin tried it to see if it would open… it did. The group walked down the narrow spiral staircase, the scent of embalming fluid and other nasty juices, slowly growing stronger. Once they reached the bottom they looked out into a dimly lit room of grey stone. It was lined with tables some with occupants some with simply bloody and stained sheets. priest was fussing over some of the bodies and some sort of chemical bubbled away in a vat in the corner. All in all the room was macabre and unsettling. " yes can I help you" the priest says without turning from his work. " are you my wife?" exclaims Gimbles. The priest looks up bemused " what?". “Ignore him” replied Colin, " we are looking for the body of Henry Grey, we are investigating his murder". The priest simply steps aside and presents the party with the body he was working on " here he is". Sir Porksalot wriggles from Hanks hands and runs towards the corpse, with a swift jump onto the table he begins to eat the foot of Henry Grey. The priest begins to pick the pig up but he is meant by a quick thump from Hank and the priest hits the floor. " Don’t touch my pig!" exclaims hank who proceeds to wrestle Sir Porksalot of the corpse. Colin ,mortified, helps the priest to his feet and apologises profusely. " Its quite alright" says the priest," I shouldn’t have touched his pig". Colin sits the priest down and then turns to the body of Henry Grey. the party begin looking at the corpse trying to decipher what happened to him. It is noted that the killing blow was a single one to the back with a sharp object, almost certainly a knife. The body showed evidence of water in the body, but this was deemed post-mortem. The team began to look through his personal effects, the semi naked Grimbles took some trousers and put them on, first removing his sock from his cock and placing it on his left foot. Hank took what appeared to be the head of a halberd as a replacement for his hatchet. Colin being a selfless man, ignored the temptation to take the dead’s possessions and instead read a damaged piece of paper, saying Brine, meet. He also noticed a key and took it for himself. The adventurers begin to leave but hank once again searches for some cloth. this time he takes his chances and searches in a barrel of blooded bandages. He was once again punished for his curiosity, inside the bucket lay a scapel, his oafish fumbling meant that when his fingers grasped the blade he did not hold back. He removed his hand from the bucket, only now he was short of two didgets. Hank screamed and started to flail his bleeding hand about the place. He turned to the priest and yelled “fix it!” The priest simply replied " I can’t" hank retoreted “yes you fucking can, you did it before!” the priest said in a panic " that was not me sir, I first met you when you punched me to the ground". Hank slowly calmed the pain thumping through his hand. " Colin" hank said " Fix it", Colin simply replied with the same sentiment as before, he refused to waste his powers on Hank’s stupidity. Dame Dorothy once again attempts to fix it, but with no prior knowledge of first aid, she fails to even stop the bleeding. Suddenly Grimbles breaks out of his usual, senile haze and steps forward " come here I’ll stop the bleeding" he says to Hank in a calm and sage like way. Hank present Gimbles with the bleeding appendage and Gimbles gently wraps his hand around Hank’s. Gimbles begins to mutter an incantation and his hands start to glow. A feint heat could be felt from the beneath the palms of the two adventurers and flames began to emerge from Gimble’s hands. However Gimbles attempts of cauterizing the wounds had been tragically miscalculated. The fire grew bigger and bigger, its started to consume hanks, hand, then arm and before anyone could act Hanks became a pillar flame. A brief cry of pain could be heard but then the flame extinguished and silence filled the room. A pile of ash lay on the ground where Hank once stood and the brief flickers of embers gentle danced in the stale air of the morgue. Everyone paused for a moment, eyes wide with shock, except for gimbles of you looked indifferent as ever. The silence was suddenly broken by the furious squealing from sir porksalot, not could make heads or tale of its noise except for Colin whom just so happened to be fluent in sweinish. Truth be told it made very little difference to understanding sir porksalot as all he was doing was cursing profusely in both sweinish and other more demonic languages. Sir Porksalot finally subdued and after a short debate it was agreed that Colin will carry Janis burdens and his ashes. Finally as calm once again fell onto the group Hroth inquired about the young lad Henry. After a short discussion with the priest Hroth found out the location of Henry’s home and group gave a fond farewell to the ’obviously traumatised, priest and when on their merry way.

The party decided to head straight to the victims home,they headed back towards the empty market and headed straight down towards the rock bottom. The night was cold and as they went further south to the coastline they mists became thicker and more obscuring. They turned right if the main road and headed into the lowtown of Stineport. The area was hard to see because if the most but what was in view showed a desperate place. The homes were of all sorts of shapes, sizes and condition the only uniformity came from the fact that they were all lit by candles. They travelers felt the icy cold of the mists draw in around them and they hurried on towards Henry’s abode. When they arrived the found a building of two story’s, its front was norrow but its length made up for that shirt coming. The ground floor look very well maintained however the upper floors were a mess. It was clear that the stone work had failed at one point and someone inexperienced had meanded it with wood. The wood was clearly taken from wrecked ships and decommissioned boats. There were gaps a plenty and one could imagine it was quite a cold night in this accommodation. The adventurers walked up to the front door, Hroth starring up at this monstrosity, shudders and allows someone else to open the door. Colin had learnt his lesson from the church, a polite knock is better than immediately attempted to break an entry. The knock was gently but the response it got was not, almost instantly the door swung open, a wash of candle light blinded Colin, and the cold sensation of metal kissed his nose. Once Colin opened his eyes he realised he was staring down the barrel of a blunderbuss, held in the petite little hands of a gnome. The gnome was small like any other, his features were old and cruel and his facial hair was neatly trimmed and white his head bare of any hair except the whisky sides. He had side burns and a goatee beared but one that did not go above the lip. His clothes were of a smart sort, a black waistcoat with black dress trousers and black pointy boots. Lastly framing those cruel ancient eyes were a pair of round glasses. "Not a step further or I’ll send your brains into the mist from whence yiu cane monster ! ". The entire group burst out in protest each one trying to defuse the situation. “Shut it !” Exclaimed the gnome. “The only one to talk will be the blonde by at the end of my gun”. Colin clears his threat and then explains " good dear sir … we are here on official … um well sort of official ". the gnome pressing his gun harder against Colin’s face. " we are here trying to find out about who killed Henry !" Colin yelled in a hushed whimper. The Gnome lowered the gun, “Henry ? Shame he was a good tenant better get a sign out front asap, an empty room is a empty purse”. He scurrys away turns and says " go on then have a look in his room will be cleared out in the next hour if I have my way, it’s the one at the end " he then goes searching in the back for something. The party relax and head up the stairs and to the end room of the long landing. Once inside they find a wholeybunrenarkable space, there was a sing bed in the corner a desk and chest on the left wall. The only thing that was off was the paper scattered in the floor. After some snooping the adventures found a letter and a map amongst the clutter. The letter was written by a man named William Grey and was addressed to Henry and his mother Elizabeth.

_Dear Henry & Elizabeth
I have been away for so long now, I know it has been hard, I long for you both and hold your letters close to me always but this voyage is nearly over. The coin is immense, so much so that when I return I will never have to leave your side again. Hell we could buy our own vessel, set up our own diving company. These blokes who hired me have more money than sense, they have me diving in deep waters for and idol or temple or something. Iv’e told em that there was never any land this far out at sea but they don’t listen, just keep sending me in over and over and with every day they pay me more. These follows of the brine will be the best thing to happen to us you will see. I’ve told em that the ships stores will only last a few more days so I will be back with you two soon.
I love you both
William xxx _

When they inspected the Map they found that it was a map of Stoneport. Marking had been scribbled all over it, arrows and notes but the most distinctive feature was a hole, it had appeared to be caused by a blade of sorts and underneath the whole were the words ‘Church of the Brine’. The adventures had now finally found a lead that might win them their bounty and so with haste they turn to leave the room. However they all froze as they realised Hroth had disappeared. A loud banging could be heard from a room further down the landing. The group rushed to face whatever danger Hroth was in. However once they arrived at the room they found Hroth up in the rafters. He was tearing down the wooden beams and replacing them with stone. Before anyone could question Hroth the gnome appeared once again. His face red with rage “what are you doing!” he screamed. Hroth turned to look at the gnome “saving our lives! Have you seen this place made of loose rotten pieces of wood! if it weren’t for me we would have all died beneath its splintered mass!” cold sweat ran down the dwarves face, whom swiftly returned to work. The gnomes face suddenly softened “you mean to say you are repairing my roof?”. Hroth snapped back “not repairing it , Improving it!”. “Oh “ replied the gnome, “well keep up the good work”. He turned around pulled an expression that said ‘don’t look work horses in the mouth’ but the expression began to morph into one of puzzlement. “Master Dwarf” gnome said, the gnome turns and looks up at Hroth, “where did you get all that stone?”. “Outside off the floor, some idiot had used it for the roads, the roads can’t fall on your head can they but a roof, a home that can kill you and all your family”. The gnomes face drops, eyes open in horror, and he quickly turns and pushes his way through the rest of the group who at this point had been watching this exchange without truly grasping what was going on. A moment later the front door downstairs can be heard opening, followed by a wrathful wale of anger (although keep in mind this is a gnome). Hroth turns to the party and says “can you believe that guy? Living in the death trap so long? You would think he would be thankful” Hroth turns back to his work. A loud bang! A shower of splinters! The stone in Hroths hand puffs into dust. The entire group flinch and freeze. There below Hroth was a large hole. Colin slowly peers over the edge, being incredibly carful not to lose his head. His eyes widen because their on the first floor was the gnome and he was loading his blunderbuss for a second shot. Colin snaps his head back and says “right time to go”. The adventures run as fast as they can, Hroth leaps from the rafters and they all scramble for the front door. The gnome was facing some issues with his weapon allowing the team to escape. The sound of feet crunching on loosened mortar filled the night air, as they fled across the upturned road and is some divine irony, Hroth twisted his ankle on the unsteady surface.
The party kept running until the echoes of gnomish cursing could be heard no longer. After Catching their breath they decide that the sooner this night is over the better and they press on towards the Church of the Brine. The mist was thick now and was only getting thicker as they headed further south in the city. Strange noises could be heard, sinister laughter, foul gurgles and chilling hisses. The adventurers pressed on regardless determined to bring justice to the murderers of Henry and a big heavy bag of gold. Colin stopped the group so that he may once again check the map. The rustling of paper pierced the night air and the noises stopped. Giggling could be heard, wet feet slapped upon the cobbled stones. Then from the mist burst four wretched sea goblins, their rusty scimitars in hand. The first Goblin swung for Colin who quickly brought up his shield in defence, the rusty blade bit into the wood but did not go through. Hroth draws his bow back and looses an arrow; it thumps into a charging goblins gut, stopping it in its tracks. Gimbles launches a bolt of fire at the third assailant; the mist weaves around the projectile as it hurtles towards the goblin. A brief screech was heard and then the foul smell of burnt goblin flesh filled the noises of the fighters. Dorothy withdraws her rapier from her corset and with precision and grace thrusts it in between the ribs of Colin’s attacker. The goblin lets out a single breath before slumping to the ground. The fight was over all the Goblins lay slain of injured. The Goblin who took the arrow to the gut drags its damp, slimy body away from the group. Gimbles spots the goblin and mumbles “my wife?”. He walks over to the goblin kneels down next to it and holds its wounded stomach. “ there there darling it will all be fine” he squints his eyes “ let me get a good look at you “. “ AH! You’re not my wife !” Gimbles hands glow red, fire flies from his fingers into the goblins stomach and then POP! The goblin exploded smearing everything with gore and innards. Gimble returns to his usual haze and follows the rest of the group.
Colin finally looks at the map and after one left and two right they had arrived, there before them was the Church of Brine. It looked like any other building in the lowtown, made from a combination of algae covered stone and rotten, water logged wood. However this building gave of an unsettling aura, one that hinted at something foul lying inside. The adventurers walk up to the large wooden door. “Knock?” suggested Colin, the rest of the group disagreed, “we should simply enter, surprise anything that is inside” stated Hroth. Colin draws his sword and readies his shield and pushes the door open. They step inside and are met with a bizarre scene. Infront of them was an aisle, either side were pews, five to each side. Sat upon them were hooded men and women. The walls of the church were covered in strange images of warped creatures, each one more disgusting than the last. At at the end of the church was an alter and stood behind it another robed man, only this mans robes were far finer than the rest. The head of the congregation had his arms spread wide and was chanting some strange incomprehensible word, the cultists upon the pews doing the same. “Reeeequ!” squealed Sir Porksolot, the party whinced and the cultist stood up alarmed however their leader simply stopped his incantation and smiled. “ well well well my children, it would appear we have guest. How may I help you lost travellers, do you need shelter from the monsters in the mist?” the leaders words were gentle and polite, yet felt dangerous all the same. Colin shoated back “ we are here on behalf a boy named Henry Grey, he was killed by the docks and our investigation has lead us here “. “ Ah, I see” the Cult leader slams his hands together and the great wooden doors slam behind the party. “ The death of young Henry was regrettable, it brought unnecessary attention to our organization”. “Why did you do it?” exclaimed Colin. The leader walks around the alter, “ There are plans in motion that you will not understand, there are steps that need to be taken to achieve the Brines will, plans and steps that Henry interrupted plans and steps that you too now interrupt”. The well robed man stops in front of the alter and flicks his wrist, the cultists respond. The sound of steel slipping from leather can be heard as each cultist draws his or her knife. The leader continues “and so your transgression are the same, so your punishment will be too… kill them”. The cultists leaps their pews and rush towards the group, daggers glistening in the candlelight. The first three cultists beard down on Colin, the fourth flanks the right of the group and finds them face to face with Dorothy. The fifth cultist flanks left and charges towards Gimbles, Hroth being just behind Colin is faced with two more cultists and then the last three chase down the pig. The first to attack Colin launches forward dagger stretched out towards Colin, its blade hits the wooden shield and slides off to the side, the second attacker slices low but Colin’s mail stands strong. The third attacker slips the dagger underneath Colin’s armpits, rupturing the mail and biting into his flesh. Colin responds, despite the pain, he brings his sword down up the second cultist, clefting his head in two, bring the right elbow back he slams the cheek of the third attacker, a sickening pop was heard as the bone breaks and the cultist hits the floor. The first assailant regained his footing and swings back at Colin, who steps back, flick the wrist backwards, uses the momentum to lift the sword above the head and then brings it down up the cultists shoulder splitting the collar bone and killing him instantly. The third assailant begins to get to his feet but Colin, kicks him to the floor, presses his sword against the back of the cultist’s neck and pushes it through to the stone floor. Meanwhile Hroth draws his hammer, the first cultists swipes down at Hroth, who steps to the side and brings his hammer down into the back of her knee causing her to fall to all fours, the second cultists blade ran true and pierced hroth in the shoulder. Drawing back Hroth passes the cultist on all fours and with a quick tap to the back of the skull ends her life. He hurled the hammer at the remaining cultist but misses, as he gazes at the hammer slide towards the back of the church he claps eyes on the cult leader and has an idea. Hroth drew his bow and charged the cultist, who sung his dagger but missing Hroth by a hair. Hroth yells “Colin! Get my back!” The cultist runs for Hroth eager to stab the dwarf in the back but Colin’s sword enters the cultist’s vision and that was the last thing he saw. Hroth stood now at the front of the fight, he takes a knee, knocks an arrow, draws the bow back, wills it to its target and releases. The arrow whistled through the air and then ‘thud’. The arrow slammed into the right eye of the Cultists leader and protruded from the back of the skull, the body quivered for a moment then fell backwards onto the alter. Their Leader was dead but they were too busy fighting for their lives to notice. Gimbles found himself face to face with a cultist who was very capable with her weapon, her first slice was devastating; she stabbed the old wizard in the stomach and drew the blade across, causing Gimbles guts to begin to fall out of him. However Gimbles was never one to go down without a fight, he took his dagger out and stabbed her back only he missed anything vital. Before she could finish Gimbles off, an arrow entered her right left ear and exited her right eye, she slumped to the ground. Gimbles followed suit clutching his gut he too sat down, He lloked at the cultist “are you my wife?”. Dorothy had also come across a fighter, the cultists effortlessly dodged her rapier thrusts and made a few thrusts of his own the last one ahd perforated her fake boob causing all sorts of horrors to spill out. Dorothy being a lady so far had had enough she threw her rapier at the cultist, who batted it aside, Dorothy then took of her shoe and lunged at the cultist attempting to plunge the heel into his eye or throat or something. The cultist grabbed Dorothy’s wrist and soon the two began to wrestle. Over in the far corner of the church the three little cultists had chased down their piggy and now had him trapped, or so they thought. Sir Porksalot blew the first little cultist into bits with a single squeal/eldritch blast. The second cultist had his throat ripped out by Porksolots’s vicious jaws and the third had his free will stripped from him and became sir Porksolots thrall.
The battle was finally over; blood filled the groves in the tiles, the wounds sustained finally given time to cause pain. The heavy laboured breathing of those who had survived the ordeal. Gimbles groans, and Colin winces as he tends to his wounded armpit. A loud yelp is heard of to the right, Colin looks over and sees a sight more howling than the mutilated corpses strewn all over the place. Stood there was the one and only Dame Dorothy Dicksmasher, is her hand was indeed a dick only it was still attached to the cultist she had been wrestling, she gave a tug, causing another scream “ come on then our honey moon awaits” and with that she dragged him out of the church and was never seen again. Hroth sits next to Colin “well we did it looks like we got the bastards that killed that lad” Colin looks back at Hroth “ I supposed we did shame so many had to die”. “Hello” a cultist stood in front of them both with a pig under arm “my names sea weed, had it changed for the cult. It would appear I am you new companion. Old Sir Porksalot here has made me his thrall, how very exciting I know, or at least I think it is, I’m still working out what parts are me and what parts are his commands.” Hroth and Colin stare at the vacant looking pig in disbelief. “ I knew that pig was odd” A strange, ethereal yet commanding voice erupts from the alter and when the group look up their the Cult leader stood arrow imbedded in his eye. “ a demon pig, how clever, I’m sure you and my master will have a lot to discuss. Now you all have been quite a disruption to my proceedings”. He grabs the arrow and yanks it free from his skull. “This form is beneath me! Now I must delay my meeting with the master until I can finish the ritual! Now for your gracious gift of death allow me to return the favour !” The now revenant extends his hand towards the dead, the blood on the ground begins to race back into the corpses, who’s eyes begin to flicker open, their twisted and broken forms begin to rise, “ goodbye interlopers “ The revenant leaves through a stair case behind the alter.

Many of the corpses start to rot and fall apart, the necrotic energy overwhelming the flesh and bone. only four out the ten manage to withstand the magic and return to the living … sort of. the zombie by Hroths feet begins to get up but Hroth puts an arrown in its chest pinning it to the ground. he then takes his chisel and finishes the deed. The other three zombies shamble towards the rest of the party, Colin swings his sword and misses the first zombie, who grasps onto the edge of his shield and bites down on the wood, its teeth cracking and breaking under the force. Colin upset with the noise and sight of a chomping corpse, whips his sword back and chops its head clean off. The second zombie ambles towards Gimbles who hadn’t bled out yet. Gimbles just about managed to get a firebolt off turning a messy zombie into a messy pile of ash. The last zombie met its fate at the hands of Sea Weed who either to impress the group or to appease his new master walked up to his former colleague and stabbed it in the eye. With the zombies dead the team gathered themselves. Gimbles was saved by Colin and his healing hands and Sea Weed tried to sneak the still biting zombie head into his bag. Hroth paranoid wrestled the cultist and using his natural dwarvish brawn, snatched the bag from him and immediately put a chisel through the zombies head killing it. He headed the now deceased head back to Sea Weed who along with his pig master looked terribly disappointed.

Once the conflict had been resolved the adventures pursued the Cultist leader down behind the alter, they rushed down the stairs and found themselves in a cave. The cave was littered in old statues and ruins and at the other end of the cavern was a pool of water. The adventurers watched helplessly as the cultist turns to look at them and then walks into the water and disappears beneath its surface. Pursuit was pointless at this point so they simply choose to search the cavern. Tucked away in a far corner was a desk with many books and sheets of papers upon them, after seacrching the desk they found a piece of paper ordering the killing of Henry and a book that glowed with demonic power, which Sea Weed snuck into his sack.

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The adventure log is where you list the sessions and adventures your party has been on, but for now, we suggest doing a very light “story so far” post. Just give a brief overview of what the party has done up to this point. After each future session, create a new post detailing that night’s adventures.

One final tip: Don’t stress about making your Obsidian Portal campaign look perfect. Instead, just make it work for you and your group. If everyone is having fun, then you’re using Obsidian Portal exactly as it was designed, even if your adventure log isn’t always up to date or your characters don’t all have portrait pictures.

That’s it! The rest is up to your and your players.


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