Sir Porks-a-Lot

Demon pig?! Who knew?!


Sir Porks-a-lot was once a normal pig. But after Hank the farmer made a pact with an old god the pig was possessed by a powerful demon with no name. So Sir Porks-a-lot will have to do for the time being. After winning the best pig competition by using his magic to blow up the other contestants the pig now travels the land with his own plans in mind. Originally he kept Hank son of Hank as his puppet, companion and his cover, Hank died in a sudden accident (Not pig related). After being forced to reveal his powers to some of the adventurers and after his cover was blown and his identity revealed to a small group of hero’s, the pig was able to take control of Seaweed. This former cultist replaced Hank, but is having only one follower enough?

It is unknown to all but the pig what its plans actually are, recent behaviour suggests a want to collect items of power including cats (It had it coming) and zombie heads!

Sir Porks-a-Lot

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