Sea Weed

From one god to the next


Sea Weed would have been just like any other young man, born to a pointless village and destined to die without accomplishing anything. Sea Weed however was lucky he had been born with just enough brains to realise this fact. And so like anyone who’s sees the boat of life heading towards the waterfall of mediocrity, sea weed jumped ship. He set out to be someone. who that someone was he didn’t know but it would be someone more than a field hand. One day he passes a notice it read ‘guards needed’. He saw that sign as a sign … a divine sign that is. So he headed to where the guards were recruiting, stone port. Once there he quickly became a guard, he past the test with flying colours, he had two arms, two legs and a head. According to the recruiter that is all they required. His career as a guard was short lived. After a series of blunders including trusting Dodgey Morris with a shipment of pistols, whilst he stepped round the corner to take a piss. He was unceremoniously booted out of the barracks and onto the streets. Spending a few days begging for food and or job he was approached by a hooded figure who offered him a chance to serve The Brine. All that was required of him was to turn up to a church in the slums and help them complete a ritual by chanting the same easy to remember words. Thinking that whilst he hadn’t considered a career as an acolyte of an old god he would be a fool to turn down the opportunity.By42J_DIYAAuigO.jpg


Sea Weed

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