Scaly SKalla

Where the fucks my wallet !


Not much is known about Skalla. She is a very secretive person with a past that is impossible to track. The only tell tale sign that Skalla has visited is that their is no valuables left in sight. Skalla is one hell of a kleptomaniac, somewhere deep down in that drogonborn soul of hers, is a desire to steal anything that isn’t screwed down. Her ability to instantly scope out a room and note every valuable and every exit has made her career as a criminal an impressive one. Shes stolen from the banks of Augentum, Shes pilfered the pockets of the Arch mage of Myirdom, she has even stolen a dragon egg from the zoological vaults of Ventus. Her life as a criminal was one of sucess and richest. However like so many ambitious criminals she would come undone.She found herself teaming up with a Dwarf named Dodgey Morris and together they embarked on this life changing job. Now what happened on that job only Skalla and Morris, know but whatever happened it caused her a great deal of regret. The past is something best left alone but I fear for Skalla it may rear its ugly head once again. fe7c7e1bd3e5e47c8897b00d5d1be6c5.jpg


Scaly SKalla

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