Morgoth the Eater of Worlds

Death! Mayhem! and Destruction! in a conveniently small package


Morgoth started his life like all Gnomes, in the service of Terra and like all Gnomes after her death he was lost. Over the thousand of years that had past, Morgoth had spent most of them as a solider. He had served the elves in their defence of their homelands, the orcs in their assault on fort Pire and then he served men in their countless civil wars. His time in the wars over the centenaries has left him scared both physically and mentally and he has developed a worrying apathy towards who is on the wrong end of his axe. He sees blood as blood, enemies as enemies he has over the years developed a blindness to whom or what he destroys. To even have a semblance of sanity Morgoth drinks obscene amounts of alcohol and snorts a huge amount of pig shit which is a very poor downer that just about takes away the blood rage. His obsession with murder and mayhem has ironically caught the attention of Haima the God of Blood and the one of three murderers of Terra. Morgoth now kills in his name and with the guidance of Haima and the dulling of drugs and booze, Morgoth has been able to get a semblance of life back and possibly a future.


Morgoth the Eater of Worlds

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