Hank Son of Hank

A Farmer with ambitions


Hank son of Hank was a farmer of debatable success. He intended to turn his life around however his ambition would get the better of him. He made a packed with an old god to make his prized pig into … well a prized pig. As a result an entity possesed his pig granting it magical powers akin to a wizard. The old god stuck to his word, the pig did win the prized pig award (due to the mysterious disappearance of all other contestants). However the entity whom goes by the name of SIr Porksalot harboured greater ambitions of power and so wore hank like a glove and controlled him. Now hank finds himself in strange lands with convincing whispers in his head. A tall price to pay for a worlds best pig ribbon.ffa002f733415d1e72ca38d8bad6b105.jpg


Hank Son of Hank

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