Dame Dorothy Dick Smasher

The one whore to rule them all


Looking at Dorothy makes it clear that she has not had an easy life but that never bothered her. She knew what she wanted and she never stopped trying to get it. She wanted to be famous she wanted everyone to know her name. SO at first she tried to be a great folk singer. However she sounds like a bag of cats and zombies trying to eat each other. So being the pragmatist that she is, she dropped that ambition. Next she tries to write poetry to inspire the masses, but with out a reliable publisher, she struggled to become known and so another dream fell by the wayside. She then has a brief stint in inventing, she creates the Mortslagh alongside a man called Snatch Basher. For a while it seemed she was in luck and soon she will be thanked by all the lonely women (and men) in all the land. However she fell victim to her own product. One evening after a very arduous session, Snatch Basher abused Dorothy’s weakened state to have her sign over the rights to the Mortslagh. In her sweaty stupor she agreed. Next thing she knew she was on her ass in the middle of nowhere, penniless and forgotten. But it was in this state that she had her greatest epiphany. She was to Shag her way to the top. So she became a high class whore, whom had quite some success. Her forcfall and often relentless tactics worked and soon she was a household name. Well amongst the fathers at least. It was in this profession that she met her greatest enemy; Lady Lucinda Jizz Licker ! The two constantly tried to outdo each other until the matter had top be settled. So a bet was made. The first to shag all the races in the world will be crowned the Arch Whore and will be forever known as the greatest prostitute to grace the land. And so with a glint in her eye and a itch in between her thighs she set out to win the wager.images.jpg

Left: Lady Lucinda Middle: Dame Dorothy Right: Greasy Grettle


Dame Dorothy Dick Smasher

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