Bit of Dweeb


Colin is a half elf paladin in the service of the god of Wadge. The Wadge Religion is a very small religion, in fact so small Colin is the only member. He began his worship of the Goddess Wadge when he was a teenager. He like many other boys found themselves confused and puzzled by a sudden desire to be around women. Most boys learn in time exactly why that desire develops but for Colin the process was a little different. Colin one evening had a hormone infused dream which presented him with a vision of a mighty Goddess. She was giant in stature, she was gold in skin and hair and she appeared before him completely naked. Enthralled by her beauty and scared of a weird feeling coming from downstairs Colin knelt before this vision and begged for guidance. The Goddess replied in kind " Just be yourself and be nice. treat women with respect and they will love you for it. they say treat them mean keep them keen but it is utter bollocks. Worship the women worship the Wadge". Colin suddenly awoke from his dream with cold sweat running down his face and something warm and sticky running down his leg but he wasn’t fazed he wasn’t trouble he had a new purpose. He would become the champion of the Wadge. He dedicated his life to fighting for the honour of all women. This dedication granted him strength and powers beyond the norm. Channelling the power of the wadge he had saved hundreds of women from wolf whistlers, bum slappers and wife beaters. He even saved a women whom was about to be thrown in a volcano as a virgin sacrifice. Turns out without the virgin the volcano erupted (could be coincidence but this is unknown). So Colin single handedly saved everyone in the village below, from the rivers of molten rock. From that moment on Colin has been a folk hero, songs are sung, stories are told, but converts and donation to the Church of the Wadge are still low. So Colin continues he feminist crusade and who knows where he might next end up.NythPraying.jpg



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